PT. Megapolitan Smart Services (PT. MegSS) has operated in the field of engineering and social economic development in the field of building, regional, transportation, environmental and management consultancy services. With a broad range of skills and disciplines, PT. MegSS delivers technical excellence across the service spectrum, from strategic consultancy at the highest level to practical design, implementation and asset management.

In practice, PT. MegSS has assisted to design the built environment for the future. PT. MegSS experts have utilized their professional expertise to develop the policy analysis, regional master plan, infrastructure, property, and public & private development that played a central role in regional's economy.

PT. MegSS’s culture is built on integrity, trust and respect, and PT. MegSS places a high value on the partnerships PT. MegSS has built with clients, employees and the communities in which PT. MegSS has operated. PT. MegSS believes that this inclusive style of working delivers benefits at all levels, enabling us to operate more profitably and helping to create a better environment in which to live and work.

Field of Expertise
PT. MegSS offers consultancy services in fields of transportation, communication, policy/regulatory reviews, insurance and financial services supported with high technology system as well as development for regional master plan, infrastructure, industry, property, environment and agribusiness.

Within those specialist fields PT. MegSS offer the following engineering and management services: initial project appraisal, preliminary study, field survey, feasibility study, economic analysis, social and environmental impact, study and research, technical skill, training of personnel and certification, recruitment and placement of personnel, company and government analysis also construction services.


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